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Augmented Intelligence for Big Data

xBiDa is a research and development firm specializing in artificial and business intelligence, computer vision, and big data.

The company develops innovative technologies and conducts research in data mining, big data, and business analytics.


Products & Solutions


Infection Control


Construction Safety


Rodents Control
  • Monitoring the hand hygiene of medical staff in the operating room to identify opportunities for improvement

  • Providing real-time feedback to help ensure proper hand washing and sanitization procedures are followed

  • Enhancing infection control measures in the operating room to improve patient outcomes and reduce the spread of infections in hospitals

  • Analyzing real-time video feeds from on-site cameras to identify potential hazards and alert workers to take preventive action

  • Tracking the movements and actions of individual workers to ensure proper safety procedures are followed

  • Using AI to provide valuable insights that help construction companies build safer, more efficient, and more profitable projects

  • Analyzing real-time video feeds to identify the presence of rodents and alert staff to take immediate action

  • Tracking the movements of rodents within the facility to help identify potential entry points and areas where additional pest control measures may be needed

  • Protecting the reputation, health, and safety of customers and employees by keeping facilities free of pests




Founded in 2017, our company has quickly established itself as a leader in the field of AI-powered video analysis for the construction industry.


Our vision is to use computer vision, IoT, and data science to improve people's lives and drive innovation. We will harness the power of connected devices and data analytics to unlock new insights and create meaningful solutions.


Our company uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze and interpret large data sets. These algorithms allow us to uncover valuable insights and trends that would be difficult to discern using traditional methods. Our technology has been used to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes, optimize supply chain management, and enhance the accuracy of predictive modeling. Our machine learning algorithms are highly accurate and have been validated by industry experts, giving us a strong competitive advantage in the data analytics market.


Some of our clients

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Meet the core team

Dr. Loai Abdallah
CEO & Founder
Loai is the CEO of xBiDa, a company specializing in artificial and business intelligence, computer vision, and big data. He is also a researcher and senior lecturer at The Max Stern Yezreel Valley Academic College. Loai has led multiple successful projects for industry clients and founded xBiDa to develop innovative technologies for data analysis and decision-making. Under his leadership, xBiDa continues to be a leader in the field.
Prof. Malik Yousef
VP R&DCEO & Founder
Prof. Malik Yousef is the VP of R&D at xBiDa and is a data scientist with a focus on bioinformatics. He has experience in both research and teaching environments and has significant expertise in machine learning and its applications. Prof. Yousef has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles in top journals, has over 2300 citations, and is a co-inventor on two US patents. He has also
Dr. Murad Badarna
CTO& Founder
Murad is the CTO of xBiDa. He has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Haifa and leads the xBiDa software development team. Murad is responsible for driving the company's technical vision and strategy and is known for his expertise in computer vision and artificial intelligence. He has a deep understanding of the latest technologies and uses them to create innovative solutions.
Salih Abu Shahin, MSc
Senior R&D engineer
Salih Shahin is a senior R&D engineer at xBiDa. He is a self-taught AI algorithms developer with a sharp learning curve, analytical perception, and logical thinking. Salih has a B.SC in biomedical engineering specializing in signal processing and image processing, and an M.SC in mathematics specializing in machine learning algorithms. He has depth knowledge of mathematics and excellent interpersonal communication skills.
Mutlaq Hijazi
SW eng.
Mutlaq Hijazi is a software engineer at xBiDa. He holds a BSc in Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence from Haifa University, and is highly skilled in Python programming, Java, and SQL. Mutlaq is passionate about data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, and has a strong interest in office and databases. He has been a valuable member of the xBiDa team since 2021, applying his expertise and skills to a wide range of projects and initiatives within the company.


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